Silent Voices

A development-aid organization empowering marginalized communities through sustainable projects.


Our Model


Identification of communities facing inhuman living conditions that can be transformed with a practical and simple solution.


Overseeing completion of our solution - creating awareness, raising funds and partnering with local organizations to ensure campaign success.


Continued post-completion engagement to remain involved and evaluate campaign success.


We’re a small team with a massive passion to support people in need. We work to provide solutions to make this world a bit better.

Our Featured Work

With your support we've made a significant change in human lives around the world. The journey continues....

Join us providing universal primary education and gender parity at all levels to marginalized women.

Silent Voices and Local Women’s Handicrafts are partnering to build a Learning Center in GoganPur Village – Nepal, to empower marginalized local women through quality education and long-term ethical employment.

Hundreds of women in this village are economically exploited, politically voiceless, socially humiliated, and educationally backwards.

We envision those women as leaders in their communities, in control of their own lives, their own rights, and their own decisions and education, as a driving force for growth and social-economic development, is key.

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